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Features To Look For In A Shipping Solution!

The ecommerce world is being competitive for many years. With customers looking for convenience, they also want next-day delivery options, may be premium delivery or preferably free shipping. Being an entrepreneur, are you competitive enough to offer this much? It’s obvious if you’re running online store, you must take these demands into consideration unless you want to stay at odds.

In favor to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, many online ventures now consider using ecommerce multi carrier shipping software. They offer numerous benefits to small business owners; one of them is ability to compete with big players. But, an opportunity like this comes with high shipping costs. How can you avoid such unexpected costs? Well, here comes the skill of choosing the best shipping software comes into play. With the right ecommerce multi carrier shipping platform, you could still achieve the same profit along with meeting customers’ expectations.

Common features to look for in ecommerce shipping software are:

  • Look for automated order syncing and retrieval. This feature would keep you away from copy and paste headaches and orders will be retrieved right from your e-commerce store.
  • Another feature to demand is automated label printing and manifest creation. Means the platform should be able to print labels all at once.
  • A real-time saver feature is automated weighing and sizing. If the ecommerce shipping platform is designed to summate pre-programmed weight and dimensions of products including packing materials in every shipment, then it will be very useful.
  • Custom forms are necessary in case of international shipping. Ecommerce shipping software need not only to include customs-related documents, but should be integrated into the formation of each international shipping label. This makes the declaration of goods easier and faster.
  • Consider if the shipping solution improve status and track visibility.As soon as orders are shipped out, you need some tracking details. This makes easier for you to communicate with end users, or in case, the solution itself can update order status and send tracking emails to customers on your behalf.

 Does the ecommerce shipping solution provide reports in terms of analytics and audit?


Undoubtedly, Ecommerce multi carrier shipping software solutions are beneficial for retailers.  We suggest you totake into account some key considerations for multi carrier shipping, look for features, do some research and opt for the best shipping software to manage your shipping online.

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